Roller Shades
  and Fabric Treatments
Drapery Hardware

Do you have the time to shop around for fabrics, blinds or shutters.
,a background in colour coordination, and the tools and expertise to tackle a Window Treatment? We coordinate a wide variety of window coverings with your taste, and existing wall colours, rugs, art, etc. Plus, we address function, shade or direct light, privacy, safety, insulation, and cleaning.

Are your measurements accurate?
Slight miscalculations in measurement or alignment can affect both the appearance of the drapery, blinds, and shades and the operation of the lifting mechanism or cord. You can only figure out your costs with accurate figures. Trust our measurements to be 100% accurate.

Are you getting designer fabrics and professional workmanship?
All our products go through several checkpoints and are inspected thoroughly. Fabric for shades is cut with state of the art ultra sonic cutting tables, producing 100% square and sealed edges. Our manufacturer’s local huge warehouse capacity allows us to stock all the popular colors, reducing the turnaround time compared to major competitors.

Do you have the necessary tools and ability to install window applications?
Fabric panels, shades and blinds are quite heavy and often require special tools to work with. Some windows are quite high, and most people are not comfortable perched atop a ten foot ladder. We provide professionals who are trained, experienced and well-equipped to handle the installation.
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