How We Work
What is it like to work with Veronica Wakeham on a design project? On this page we'll tell you the sort of results Veronica's clients have reported, as well as a sense of her beliefs, approach to design and project management and what makes her different from most interior designers you may have come across.


When you work with Veronica you can expect action – client focused, budget conscious, organized and deadline driven action.

The center of attention is entirely you and what you want. You couldn't find custom furniture pieces that would compliment the design you envisioned. Veronica can. She will locate and email you images of suggested pieces. After narrowing down what might work she will book a time to meet you at the design showroom where you will see and feel the piece in person. If you approve it, Veronica will get the order moving and follow-up frequently to make sure it is arrives on the date you need it, in the color you want, at the price you arranged beforehand. It might have taken an hour of your time in total.

A designer style emerges to replace the developer's vision with your own day to day requirements. An entryway piece sets the tone as you walk in to your home. Wall colours you chose with Veronica's assistance form the backdrop for custom drapery which frame the windows giving you total darkness in the bedrooms and whatever percentage you prefer in the living areas. The closets are organized around your needs and custom built by Veronica's trades. Area rugs, flooring and art all work to accentuate the designer feel. You feel good about your home and are proud to show it off to visitors.

You have a new respect for what a professional design team can accomplish. When you had questions they were answered fully. Your trust grew as Veronica's trades proved reliable and their work spoke for itself. They arrived on time, did great work, and cleaned up when they departed. You knew in detail how much the job would cost and your only surprise was that this didn't change from the beginning to end.

You are surprised how easily it all came together. You had the pleasure of being involved in the design but none of the headaches of the implementation. Your home and work life were barely affected and you look around your new digs now and smile. You just can't wait to get home, and stay there.


1) You get what you pay for. I believe that. I compete in business on quality. If you lower the quality it inevitably shows in the design. Price hesitancy is more often that not a misunderstanding about value. Once I determine a client's needs and budget I don't compromise on value and I don't suggest something unaffordable. It's not rocket science, but it helps that I have a gift for numbers and a good ear for listening.

2) A design project is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. My pet peeve is that TV design makeovers give the illusion that projects can done in a jiffy, by any trade in the Yellow Pages, on a shoestring budget. Hogwash! Project management is a daily undertaking of a project's pulse and progress and a designer is only as good as her team of professional trades.

3). Picking my brains. I offer a great service to a serious client. This means I am happy to respond to your enquiry, but request you ensure you are ready and committed to doing what it takes - including making firm decisions and setting aside the money. Otherwise you will be taking time that could be spent helping someone who is ready to fulfill their home design dreams.


I am action-oriented. I cut to the chase to help you get the results you want. I'm not your average designer. In my book, the squeaky wheel gets the oil! I hold my trades & suppliers' feet-to-the-fire so you get your design project installed on time and on budget.


Her business is her life. Veronica thrives on client interaction. At night she brainstorms, on weekends she reads and studies, in odd moments she searches online for inspiring solutions to jobs she don't even have yet. What might work or resolve design challenge. Half measures are not in her vocabulary.

She is a woman of her word. Based on what you decide you want at the beginning of the project and your commitment to deliver on your side, you achieve the design style you want to achieve in the time and budget agreed upon.

She brings together a combination of 10 years experience in Vancouver's high-end interior design, a university degree in Commerce, an outstanding team of design & renovation professionals, a background in finance geared to your budget, a spirited approach to living, and a natural eye for colour and design.

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